YANG Wuyu(楊 伍鈺)
ヨウ ウーユー

  • 出身地:
  • Jiangsu, China

  • 出身大学/Previous university:
  • Nanjing Audit University

  • Hobbies:
  • Reading, watching movies and listening to music
  • 学歴/Educational History:
  • My name is Yang Wuyu and came from Suqian, Jiangsu, China, which is also the hometown of a famous hero Xiangyu. After the study in Nanjing Audit University, I got my bachelor degree in Engineering Management.
  • Research interests:
  • During my study in Nanjing Audit University, I have often visitied a national mountain park behind the university campus with my friends, and realized how important a national park is to people, and I also noticed the potential risk in national parks, which attracts my interests in national park risk management.