Currently enrolled students (as of October 2010)

Ph.D. Program

  • Chiaki MIZUKI: Flood hazards and hazard mapping in Japan
  • Motilal GHIMIRE (From Nepal): Geomorphology in the Siwalik HIlls, Nepal
  • Damodal LAMSAL (From Nepal): GLOF study in the Nepal Himalaya

    Master's, 2nd Year

  • Noriko ITO : Alpine vegetation-geology in Shimshal, northern Pakistan

    Master's 1st Year

  • Yusuke KOBAYASHI : Mountain trail degradation in Hokkaido
  • William JEFFERSON(From the US) : Society-environment issues in the ski resort area of Niseko, Hokkaido
  • Parveen Chhetri KUMAR (From Nepal): Treeline ecotone in Makaru Barun National Park, Nepal
  • Jie LIU (From China): Mountain landscape study

    Graduated Former Students

  • LEE, Yen Liang (From Taiwan) : Trail management study in Shei-Pa National Park, Taiwan
  • Tetsuya KOMATSU(2010, Ph.D.): Late Quaternary geomorphology in the Tajik Pamirs
  • Lebaiatelaite Nabatolu GAUNAVINAKA(2010, Master's): Bioregional mapping in the Pamirs
  • Damodal LAMSAL (2008, Master's): GLOF study of the Imja Glacier Lake, Nepal
  • Seiko HIMIYAMA (2008, Master's): Land use changes and their factors in the Yamakoshi area, Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, Japan: Viewed from 1:25000 topographic maps. (In Japanese with English Abstaract)
  • KUO, Yi-Liang (2007, Master's): Wintering Habitats of Red-crowned Cranes Grus Japonensis in Hokkaido, Japan: With Respect to Potential Dispersion Destinations for Solving Over-Concentration
  • H. SUGIYAMA (2007, Master's): Trail-shaped vegetation patches occurring in the vegetation recovery process in Mt. Tetsuzan, Adatara Range, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. (In Japanese with English Abstaract)
  • Sabina DEVKOTA(2007, Master's): Land-use/cover Patterns and Their Changes in the Terai and Hills of Nepal
  • Dhananjay REGMI(2006, PhD): A Geomorphic Study of Permafrost in the Nepal Himalaya
  • Kenichi OTA(2005, Master's): Estimating the Volume of Mountain Trail Erosion by Digital Photogrammetry,and Establishing A New Technique for Mitigating Erosion: A Case Study in Daisetsuzan National Park,Central Hokkaido,Japan (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Miyuki TACHIBANA(2005, Master's): Morphological Adaptation of Empetrum Nigrum L., Japonicum in the Lowland Fellfield of Rebun Island, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • Katsuhiko ASAHI(2004, Ph.D.):Late Pleistocene and Holocene Glaciations in the Nepal Himalayas and Their Implications for reconstruction of Paleoclimte
  • Chinta Mani GAUTAM (2005, Ph.D.):Anthropogenic Disturbance, Floristic Composition and Diversity in the Hill Forests, Bharse Area, Gulmi District of Nepal
  • Minako SAKABE (2004, Master's): Counting of White-tailed Eagle and Stteler's Sea Eagle along the Rausu Coast, the Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan -Methodological Assessment and Application to Environmental Education. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Takuma DOEI (2004, Master's): Status of Guided Tours and Direction of Visitor Management in the Northern Part of Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Dhananjay REGMI(2003, Master's): Rockfall in the Eastern Nepal Himalaya: A Case Study of the Kanchenjunga Area.
  • Yoko OTAKI(2002, Master's): Study for Conservation of Blue Sheep (Pseudois nayaur) in the Kanchanjunga Conservation Area, Eastern Nepal.
  • Shunsuke TANAKA(2002, Master's): Rock Glaicers and the Lower Limit of Discountinuoues Mountain Permafrost in the Langtang Valley, Nepal Himalaya.
  • Chinta Mani GAUTAM(2002, Master's): Evaluating Methodology of the Land Use/Cover Change Study and Causes of Land Use/Cover Change in the Kanchanjunga Conservation Area, Eastern Nepal.
  • Keiko OKI(2001, Master's): Study for Conservation of Mountain Trails around Ishuimuro, Mt. Kurodake, Daisetuzan National Park. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Mikio SUKENO(2000, Master's): The Growth Environment of Salix Yezoalpina and S. Pauciflora, and Its Relation to Phenology, in the Permafrost Region at Koizumidake, Northern Parts of the Daisetsu Mountains, Northern Japan. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Naohiro NAKAMURA(2000, Master's): Landslides Developed on the Lateral Moraines of the Kanchanjunga Glacier, Kanchanjunga Area, Eastern Nepal.
  • Anita MANANDAR(1998, Master's): Forest Resources and Fuelwood Consumption in Palung VDC, Central Nepal.
  • Naho IKEDA(1998, Master's): Pattern of Transhumance and Its Relation to Environmental Factors around Gosainkunda area, Langtang Himal, Central Nepal.
  • Yuri SUGAWARA(1998, Master's): Impact of Yaks on Grazing Slopes, Nepal Himalaya.
  • Miho AIDA(1887, Master's): Vegetation Islands in the Lee on Alpine Desert, Takanegahara, Daisetsu Mountains, Northern Japan. (in Japanese with English abstract)

    Post-Doctoral Researcher

  • Tetsuya KOMATSU (from 01 October 2010)

    Former Foreign Scholars

  • Dr. Pirkko SiikamakiI (Finland)(Univ. of Oulu: from 15 November 2009 to 08 December 2009)
  • Dr. Dhananjay REGMI (Nepal)(GLP: from 01 November 2006 to 30 June 2007)
  • Dr. Chinta Mani GAUTAM (Nepal)(Private: from 01 November 2006 to 31 MArch 2007)
  • Dr. Lasafam ITURRIZAGA (Germany)(JSPS fellow: from 13 March 2006 to 12 September 2006)
  • Dr. Narendra Raj KHANAL (Nepal)(JSPS fellow: from 10 November 2003 to 09 November 2005)
  • Dr. Krishna Hari GAUTAM (Canada-Nepal)(JSPS fellow: from 15 June 2002 to 14 June 2004)
  • Dr. Madhab Prasad GAUTAM (Nepal) (Matsumae Foundation fellow: from 8 April 1996 to 25 Sept. 1996)